images (5)Country Enigmatic, mystic and Entrepreneur, home of Culture and historical region for its commercial and great empires routes.

In recent decades, the Indian economy has had annual growth rates of GDP interesting, that he will become a great world power, making it one of the world’s fastest growing economies. INDIA, has the workforce of the world’s largest, in terms of the Agricultural Production sector represents almost 30% of GDP, the service sector and industry 54% and the difference respectively. Its main agricultural and livestock products include rice, select flowers, fragrant plants and trees and / or medicinal, oilseeds, wheat, cotton, jute, tea, sugarcane, potatoes. Water buffalo, sheep, goats, poultry, fish, and its main industries are: textile, incense and fragrance in flavor oils, chemicals, food processing, steel, transportation equipment, cement, mining, petroleum, machinery and trading software. 


Trade in India since has reached a relatively moderate proportion of GDP and represents more than 1% of world tradeIndia‘s main exports include petroleum, some textiles, gems, software, engineering goods, chemicals, hides and skins, handicrafts, oils and incense and among major imports include crude oil, machinery, gems , fertilizer and some chemicals

INDIA GDP amounts to more than a thousand-odd billion dollars, placing it in the ranking of one of the first major economies of the world and the largest in terms of purchasing power parity fourth. However Nominal per capita income makes it locate above the position 142 in the world. What is clear is that its economic growth since the beginning of 2000 has doubled to date, and is predicted to continue to increase.

Having seen, after a thorough study of the country in all its perspectives, the importance of its world-renowned sectors, the great opportunity that the country accounts for foreign investors, is that SHOSHANA WORLD SALES CORPORATION turns his interest and decided to settle in the place, betting and investing in agriculture, textile, garment and handicraft sectors, among others, which enjoy recognized international reputation and tradition, making summon the most recognized professionals and artisans of this magical land, establishing agreements and strategies for the production of high-quality products, including incense whose preparation aromas had remained subject to be exclusively “sacred” whose sale was vetoed and today following a proprietary protocol: we produce under strict supervision and control of exhaustive quality by us same spot, by our Partners India.


Offer from INDIA “SOLO” products that enjoy total prestige worldwide as well as tradition since ancient times, top products worldwide under our Brand:


Our factory seal

Our Management Area established in INDIA comprising:

+ Plantations and crops

+ Craftsman workshop looms and others.

+ Quality Control

+ Production

+ Operations and national traffic

+ Export


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