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Mexico rich in ancient culture and heritage to have 32 cultural and natural sites that make it the main tourist destination in Latin America and the 15th most visited in the world.


In economic terms for its GDP is the 14th in the world economy and eleventh by purchasing power parity (PPP); at regional level, it is the second largest economy in Latin America and fourth in the continent.  Mexico is the tenth largest exporter in the world and recently has been named as an emerging economy, for its sustained growth in recent years. Economic activity of this country depends on trade with the United States that they consume more than 85% of its exports and employ nearly 10% of its population. Mexico is recognized and creditworthy rated by their liquidity and positive macroeconomic policies, and its most important sources Oil, tourism, marketing in general, food, crafts etc.


Having seen and after a thorough analysis of the country from all perspectives and the importance of its geographical position to become our headquarters, and their great products offered by its tradition and quality is that SHOSHANA WORLD SALES CORPORATION turns his interest in the place, betting and investing domestic and foreign capital, and studying other really important as striking sectors, which also benefit reputable and international tradition, making call to work with us to the most recognized professionals and producers establishing agreements and strategies for the production of premium quality products that quickly expose the world and today following a proprietary protocol we are producing under strict supervision and control quality by ourselves in situ, by our Global Headquarters


MEXICO offer from all our logistic support as headquarters for our national and international partners, from where monitoriamos marketing our products highly regarded as tradition, under our Brand



Our products are already considered as one of the best in the world for qualitypurity of its components or inputs, besides being completely natural, since we are in favor of environmental protection. Exclusivity in our crafts with materials of first, made entirely by hand, a jewel for whom acquired.


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Our Management Area established in MEXICO comprising:

+Accounting and Finance

+Import and Export

+Global Marketing

General Management, Sales Management, Commercial.

+Brand Manager worldwide

+Marketing and Sales

+Public Relations

+Customer care and loyalty on and off line


Sub – General Management

+Service domestic and international Courrier



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