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World country with great resonance for its spectacular and renowned culture, tradition and history as Entrepreneur.  Heritage to be in their land the Eighth Wonder of the World The Macchu Picchumagical and ancestral.  Peru is also regarded as “The Best Culinary Tourist Destination in the World”, also noted for being the second best cotton in the world, His labor, manufacturing various valuable materials in addition to its Privileged crafts legacy of the Inca Culture

In recent years the Peruvian economy has had a remarkable level of growth compared to other economies in the world, comparable to China. According to the IMF in 2008 Peru had the lowest inflation in the world followed by France that established itself as one of the strongest economies in the region with a high level of human development, according to IMF estimates that the per capita income located above the $ 10.000, ranking 82nd place worldwide. The Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean estimated that the Peruvian economy grew even when this country depends on exports of metals and minerals and import of food that makes the economy is very dependent on the fluctuation of prices globally.

Peru is one of top 4 best countries “emerging” most promising for foreign investors so the Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund confirms that Peru has become one of the strongest and most stable economies in Latin America.

images (7)Peru as the exporter had a large increase in recent years marketing over 6000 products it is estimated that over 60% of its exports for the mining of copper, gold, zinc, in the textile, clothing and apparel, footwear, for the high quality of its materials and fishery products in addition to exporting its inputs for the food and gastronomy itself, with its major trading images (6)partners the United States, China, Brazil, Chile among other European countries and others. There has also been a large movement in the industrialization of agricultural products (agro) and export diversification by increasing the number of exporting companies so exorbitant. According to The Economist, Peru is the 6th country with the highest economic growth in the world according to the World Bank and the fifth largest exporter of world growth.

Having seen and after a thorough analysis of the country from all perspectives and the importance of their export products so that they are recognized worldwide, “its textile line in terms of their materials, clothing, original footwear and excellent quality, is that SHOSHANA SALES CORPORATION WORLD turns his interest established at the site, betting and investing in textiles and clothing, crafts and exploring other really important as striking sectors, which also benefit reputable and international tradition, making call to work with us to the most recognized professionals and artisans, establishing agreements and strategies for producing high-quality products, the world of apparel, footwear from the use of improved inputs and today following a proprietary protocol we are producing low strict supervision and quality control by ourselves in situ, by our Partner in Peru.

PERU provide and will provide only Products from enjoying full international prestige and tradition, that is its star products under our Brand:


Our products are considered one of the best in the world for qualitypurity of its components or inputs, as well as being totally natural, PART In the textile inputs have the highest quality in materials, colors, designs and ecological resistant high quality. Exclusivity in our crafts with materials of first, made entirely by hand, a jewel for whom acquired.
FAVICONFactory sealed
Our Management Area established in Peru includes:
 + Workshop Sport footwear and clothing+ Workshop clothing Clothing men, women and children sports and line of babies and children clothing.

+ Quality Control for money

+ Designs

+ Quality Control

+ Export

+ Operations and continental traffic


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