Our “MISSION” our reason for being, in tune for efficient action with consistency in policies and procedures.  Providing stability, consistency with the same line of action that gives us credibility and customer loyalty – consumers – users for lasting quality relationships and satisfaction, setting a positive impact as a framework for ethical behavior of our staff.  Our mission is broad, concrete, motivating and effort to be a company of Social Motivations.

A brief summary of our important: 


  • Support, facilitate, manage, undertake, educate, inform, educate, promote, generate employment sources, generate revenue, create, join, strategic alliances, make, make improvements, sponsor:
  1. A young talents, artisans, entrepreneurs, small and medium entrepreneurs
  2. New products, creating quality products that meet market needs (national and international). Market products or empower them to insert their importance in international markets. Create ethical products within existing market for its importance.

Our professional team always evolving Vanguard making improvements to products using cutting edge technological advances, attending markets, diversity that guide us in the work, listening for proposing ideas and solutions.  Interested to meet and shake the hand that inspires us and gives confidence to be a Referrer and leading company that thinks / acts for the benefit of all without any exclusions.

Leveraging our international logistics #ShoShanasdreamteam In marketing, our own distribution channels gives us great differential advantages / competitive at national and international economic benefits of our (and associates) known for their high quality products / services, competitiveness, properties, tradition, culture, origin further consolidates our social purposes as a platform leading COMMERCIAL E-COMMERCE with an excellent reference work plan intended for customers and partners.

Create, make, make products and / or services Natural excellence being the case, not tested on animals or produced with their skins, for environmental protection and ecology, called “ETHICAL PRODUCTS” changing all the rules of the market game: value, being the ideal or high-end product is available to everyone in price and national and international availability plus plus personalized attention.

NO SALE ENDS WITH PRODUCT DELIVERY, if not customer satisfaction, knowledge for maximum benefit. In addition to the purity product quality at a cost without competition in products that improve our lives and those of future generations, covering all expectations of the public more demanding consumer. Produced / manufactured or marketed under our brand and label


            Or for our seal of quality represented by our Isotype:


Marketing directly to consumers, based on an excellent plan that starts from the idea or product design, process control and monitoring.  If planting, analysis and quality control, process selection of raw materials, marketing plan and product sales, promotion, advertising, design, packaging, product delivery. Products strictly “filtered” benefit / respect for our end consumers, the general public.

Provide: Sustainable Business Culture and environmental protection and ecology truthful responsibly conscious and organized. Tools for the excellence of our consuming public user with information and training in personal, family, business professional.

  1. As professionals with steely dedication to service, we believe that the opportunities we generate them, involved in creating, sponsoring, organizing projects or events of social and Charitable or Humanitarian and / or Environmental Protection and animals that require it. Doing presence, in achieving the care and growth of our development environment, promoting the achievement of a better quality of life and respect in society and animal life so bet, besides solving:
  2. Form the FOUNDATION.  the Shoshana Foundation
  3. Train people for the realization of an efficient social work regardless of their profession or trade.
    Motivate and encourage access and participation for achieving objectives and targets from anywhere in the world in the online (timely in line or face-off) at all levels to train in basic development, personal development, self-management workshops, professional or business development through education, training at all levels, coaching, mentoring etc .. through our Higher International Business School and Business.
  4. Train technical professionals of excellence that great competitive markets today need.
  5. Conduct workshops of self-management and entrepreneurial drive great help for the entrepreneur.
  6. Give new opportunities to all those who see their development as trainers of quality.
  • Integrate all interested / a to grow or develop in our company, with a profile of whole person, their values + C.V.  for our different areas.  Our area of Marketing requires personnel with enterprising, ambitious, progressive profile with real desire to excel and grow and / or develop with us at Executive level and / or Officer.  Franchisors or exclusive representatives: Entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurs (SMEs small and medium nations and / or foreigners whatever their sector) For our consumer product and / or services.
  1. Our geographical scope in general are all countries where we are established as a company, or Franchise Exclusive Representations, etc. Official Authorized Distributors From our Global Operations Central headquarters in Mexico for everyone.
  • Providing our BLOG aware that our inspiration is you who give voice to the issues that are most important and necessary and for every aspect and area of our personal and professional life.  With whole space for your opinions and ideas that will support proposals for page after page. so waiting in our mail socialmedia9deoctubre@outlook.es
Make a difference working hand in hand with industry experts who know DETECT “The reason of the need for a product or service” as requirements to meet the most demanding needs and not vice versa. Therefore, our mission is crucial, linked to strategies, communications methodologies. Envisioning a better business opportunities for action.



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