Breaking stereotypes schemes or as a company, person, worldwide Members SHOSHANA SALES CORPORATION WORLD, always providing the best quality products with great sense of responsibility, maximizing its features and benefits that meet all expectations of the end customer or consumer sparing no resources, protecting the environment, providing Culture and Entrepreneurship Education, Consumer Education, Teaching teach learning to learn and achieve great respect for the work is an inherent human right, vital to its growth the same as in SHOSHANA SALES CORPORATION WORLD respecting and promoting good training value.

* Our goal: To be a globally recognized company, not just to create a great rentableeficiente business, responsible, attractive, and organized (one revolution of Business Management and Worldwide) if not for beingGreat Cultural Humanitarian Social environmental projectamong others, to awaken in all a great social and love of neighbor feeling, reflected in what we do best, and provide it generously.

* Be a great trading partner, Strategic, attractive and relevant always ready to support the small and medium entrepreneurs, young talent, giving rise to crystallization of the dreams of many, for the benefit of society and the inclusion of these in the business world.

* Crystallize soon our goal, the foundation of SHOSHANA SALES CORPORATION WORLD,  and its members, our Great Social Project: the foundation on which we will spare no draw on all the resources to achieve social support, setting (if possible) valid strategic alliances to meet the needs and social support required from different perspectives areas or sectors, either as participants, organizers, sponsors etc.

* It is our vision and commitment to open new international markets and settle it to produce, open subsidiaries of our company SHOSHANA SALES CORPORATION WORLD, Franchisors performances by accompanying us, Official Authorized Distributors (Distribution Channels) by geographic areas in each country where we install for which we actively participate, in person at the official presentation of the Company, Events and others. And all momentode virtually.  We want to open potential markets, as well as most important to market products originating in each place for its tradition and quality.

 SHOSHANA SALES CORPORATION WORLD  It has doors anyone who pooling our features Main wants to invest with us, sharing economic benefits, and benefits for the achievement of each management say we do work accomplished, for which we have very interesting proposals.


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