Keep moving more and more committed than ever to our 11401453_1120772471272519_3141426987275543980_nplanet for preservation and thus help stop the advance of global warming that worries us so much, so we joined the group of companies that make use of materials, designs called Circular Economywhose end products are likely to be made from recycled renewable materials known as Ethical Products, raising awareness and culture in favor of protecting the environment and ecology of the importance of sustainability and sustainability.


Our collection of footwear for all your lines, this made entirely by hand by hand: one by one.  Our footwear is part of the new concept called Ethical Products, where Environment and Ecology is respected and we use renewable raw materials and recycled waste from the tissue of large companies whose stunning colors are thanks to the contribution of recycled polyester and the interior of our sports footwear online It is made of cotton and non allergenic smugglers or stiffness.  With a sexy sole, completely renovated, non-slip E X C L U S I V E to the growing family of the double “S” whoever manufactures.

our brand

. … .and This being what motivates us is therefore to present a product ready for recycling which we recommend separate the sole of textile with the help of scissors to then take each piece in its appropriate waste container.  

Our sports footwear collection * Line has a wide


all its models, which are widely accepted in the international market for its comfort, quality and beauty in this new concept by which we should all bet.


images (6)Footwear originating in Peru.  Country which traditionally enjoys worldwide recognition for being the second best cotton in the world.  Where it is sought, according to the techniques of the ancient empire of the Incas, not using industrial pesticides, however any organic.  In Peru it is globally recognized by the artisanal treatment labor and top quality, which mtions.  All this, where quality and tradition, It leads to the akes it infinitely superior and very required by Transnational Corporations.  Conclusion to make and produce in such a beautiful country.   With the participation of skilled craftsmen led by a highly skilled professional background and experience of years in the industry of “sports” footwear in world-famous brands, under our overall supervision and tight security provided by our responsible Production Jotaldo Perú selection of raw materials, manufacture, finishing and delivery.  It gives assurance to our ready for commercialization to the final consumer product anywhere in the world.

And so … it’s also two new brands are born to the great family of products of our company:

1918334_965948023487866_2922546804882625090_n Youth and Knights ……


For girls and ladies (also footwear Unisex)

each in two very distinct lines:

***KiKE d´LUXE   and   EvE d´LUXE

      ***KiKE CASUAL   and  EvE CASUAL  &  UNISEX

..that Today proudly presented the Peru for the world:




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